KR+D, Retail Interiors l 2019

Sweet Dreams by Heinemann

Heinemann’s Sweet Dream is a new confectionary brand entering Asia’s travel retail industry to create a burst of flavours in retail experience. Eight candy stores conceptualised in the transit and public areas of Hong Kong International Airport offer whimsical and delightful experience to everyone who steps in. Besides its thematic stores of different dreamlands, VR services and social engagements redefined shopping ambience with whimsical and unique touchpoints.

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Dedicated to various fantastical motifs, the stores appeared in dreamlands of Candy Cave, Carnival, Underwater, Galaxy, Space Station, Hot Air Balloon, House of Candy and an Upside Down world.

The distinctive concept of each store follow layouts that are outlined with laser precision to create intriguing shapes. With attractive lighted ceilings and displays from a spaceman to a hot air balloon suspended from the ceiling, each store retains its quirky characteristic.

Additionally, interactive selfie booths, chocolate printing stations, VR services and game consoles were included as part of the store’s engagement intiatives for customers to savour flavours of experiential treat in every store.

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