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Our collaboration with Rimowa has witnessed the brand developing its presence in all metropolitan. From standalone boutique stores to revamped store outlets in malls, Rimowa’s branding has come with an unparalleled presence to match its iconic design. Highlighting the German luggage manufacturer’s fortified craftsmanship are the store layouts developed with Kingsmen and other design houses.

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In standalone boutiques, the architectural structure supports a stately presence for the brand. Rimowa’s flagship store in Myeongdong, Korea, was developed in tribute to its trademark suitcases. The building facade appears like an aluminium suitcase, illuminated by LED light to accentuate the groove design of RIMOWA’s suitcase products. We consulted city architects and urban landscapers to keep in mind the original architectural integrity of the building.

Beyond working over the facade of the building, the interior forms an oasis when it integrates the same design, blending the sleek style on selected levels while maintaining the structural condition of the building. As the first standalone in the country located in the central tourist spot, the pristine three storey building captures the eye of city dwellers.

Located in Senayan City, Indonesia, is a newly conceptualised Rimowa store putting exquisite selection of luggage on display. Delivering the brand’s high quality promise through the store, we obtained material globally of diverse textures. A unique travel focus of the store uses a carousel display on the wall to showcase its luggages and metal frames designed to imply airport conveyor belts – creating a succinct layout for a worthy destination in-st

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RIMOWA has distinguished itself through unique perspectives in its interiors, creating impressions in all its projects with Kingsmen. The urban space of Galleria departmental store in Gwanggyo boosts the colourful possibility for the brand. While elemental material selection like silver gray metal and wood delineates the space, one is able to bring focus to the vibrant offerings by RIMOWA. Dynamic qualities of the store get activated as one explores the two delineated zones, gradually unveiling the sophisticated customer journey for RIMOWA’s travellers. 

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RIMOWA Myeongdong Flagship store was awarded a Silver in 'Retail Interiors' during our Kingsmen Builder Awards in 2020.

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