Retail Interiors l 2019 - 2020

UNBOXED by Singtel

The pop-up store was conceptualized to be a container that was modular without compromising design. A round-the-clock store kitted out with the latest digital-enabled features, service can be called upon through three video-assisted self-serve kiosks. Notable features include portable multimedia services and purposeful use of each space within the container.

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Ensuring safe and seamless 24/7 service, security of the store was considered thoughtfully, comprising high-tech infrastructure and hardware fitted into ceiling for spatial considerations and sensors to monitor the store. Personalised experiences were also highlighted through advanced facial recognition technology and a roving live bot in-store to offer human-to-human virtual chat when the support is required. With 5G enabled support rolled out with the installation of a solar-powered hybrid system, the self-sustaining container space allows services to be ‘connection-free’ during operations. 

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The modular store occupies a substantial 9 by 6 metres footprint that can be decoupled and freely transported to another location within a short timeframe. Customers can try out and purchase the latest phone models and 
accessories, and recontract or sign up for new plans at self-service kiosks at their utmost convenience.The container also utilised an automated mechanical extension to further extend the retail space by another 2 by 6 metres should the event calls for flexibility. Moving from downtown to neighborhood community, the hybrid service and lifestyle environment is shapeshifting retail experiences. 

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Designed by FITCH, the unique mobile retail space was awarded with an outstanding store design at the World Retail Awards 2020

Also featured on CNA Luxury.

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