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Vinexpo Asia Pacific

Vinexpo Hong Kong is the biggest, annual wine and spirits industry event for new and known brands in the market. Kingsmen contributed to the making of its event through its 10 years, reaching out to exhibitors from 30 wine-producing countries yearly. In 2018, we represented brands and their stories. Namely, Italian brand Vicente Gandia.

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Of the wide offerings, featured booths and pavilions of wine trending regions drew attention in both booth design and tastes. Other than exuding qualities of the wine region, we appeal the unique visual merchandise. Vicente Gandia’s Sandara Sparkling wine combines Chardonnay and Sake for a peculiar quality product.The elegant wine takes form in the delicate design of its booth combining artistry and simplicity. Resonating the fusion of Japanese sake in Sandara wine, a chandelier hangs from above with suspended sake flowers as a centrepiece. 

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Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018 happened from 29th to 31st May - a three-day trade fair, guiding exhibitors and visitors through the most influential wine show taking place in APAC that year.

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