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Tencent Binhai Experience Center, Shenzhen

An ambitious space maximising technological capability with inspiration from outstanding infrastructures. The brand showroom truly exhibits technological potential with the use of projections, holographic imaging technology, and cloud database to show company excellence. ​

The main intention of this experience center is to keep Tencent’s business partners or potential partners updated on Tencent’s overall business performance, development plan and technology advantage. Created as a “window” into Tencent, it is a platform to cultivate dialogues between Tencent and the world. 

to engage

With multiple social platforms well-connected through 
Tencent, the showroom makes productive use of social media connecting Wechat, popular mobile game Honor of Kings by Tencent, VR game Ready Player One, and car racing game QQ Speed to show the future in digitalisation. 

to inspire

Impressive build featuring transparent LED sliding screen doors inspired from 
Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics create a grand spacious effect to the halls. Additionally, in its theatre room, an oversized audio-visual room has a high emulation of a star-spangled ceiling filled with optical fibre lights, immersive arc screens and stimulation of an outer space lunar surface to create a space-like galaxy.

key services

spatial design & build

design development

material acquirement

ideation & concept design

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