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Changi Experience Studio

The Changi Experience Studio is an interactive experiential space that brings visitors on an exciting virtual expedition through the past, present and future transformations of Changi Airport right in its cornerstone. A highly anticipated innovative showcase that is simultaneously a living tribute to the Changi Airport Group as the world’s most awarded airport and the community behind it.

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Kingsmen played an integral role, co-conceptualising with Milla & Partner and Moment Factory in presenting the 3,000 sqm zone with over 20 different touchpoints. Each visitor is equipped with an interactive Travel Guide device, using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to introduce fresh ways of unveiling wayfindings guides across different exhibits. Acting as a key to all touchpoints, it activates games or projection work with intriguing storylines along the way.  

Employing multimedia equipment to feature an immersive digital “Amazing Runway”, 180º screen, and interactive audiovisual play in the “Garden of Harmony” are amongst the few highlights that the Changi Experience Studio promises for all visitors – young and old, local or from abroad to create their own Changi moments. 

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spatial design and build

multimedia integration

social technology design

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The Changi Experience Studio was co-conceptualised with Milla & Partner and Moment Factory to bring extraordinary encounters.

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