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Industry Insight: SP Lecturer Bradley Shares his Kingsmen Experience

Bradley Yeo, Lecturer & Deputy Director at Singapore Polytechnic’s Media, Arts & Design School, recently participated in our industry attachment program. He shares his key takeaways and insights gained from his time at Kingsmen.

Could you share your key takeaways from your recent attachment at KR+D? 

My experience at KR+D has been incredibly insightful and refreshing. It's been 14 years since I was directly involved in the industry, and this attachment reconnected me with the fast pace and urgency of agency work.

I was fortunate to be placed with Etienne's team (Director, Creative Content and Technology) and participated in various projects and pitches across diverse sectors – from smart living solutions to museum exhibits, even an intellectual property project!

KR+D's work truly impressed me. I was particularly struck by how seamlessly they integrated technology to elevate exhibit experiences, and the amount of effort put into creating pitch decks. The experience also highlighted the importance of collaboration, seeing how different teams seamlessly work together to bring projects to life.

How would you describe the work culture at KR+D?

The teamwork at KR+D was truly impressive. I witnessed a strong sense of synergy while working alongside a team and attending their meetings. The team itself is remarkably diverse, yet everyone collaborates seamlessly, each member contributing their expertise towards the project's overall success.

What was a particularly memorable moment during your attachment?

The smart living project stands out as a definite highlight. It allowed me to be hands-on, creating technical diagrams and gaining insights into how interactive applications function. It was a particularly interesting experience to be able to approach technical drawings from a new perspective.

Experimenting with digital imaging and AI tools also brought back fond memories of that hands-on technical experience, as my current role at SP does not involve as much hands-on creative work.

How will you leverage the learnings from KR+D in your role at SP?

This attachment granted me invaluable insights into current industry practices. I observed how KR+D team members possess a strong foundation in multidisciplinary skills across all departments. This aligns perfectly with SP’s current focus on encouraging students to develop the same multidisciplinary proficiencies and fostering transdisciplinary learning approaches.

What advice do you have for SP students interested in joining this industry?

Resilience and resourcefulness are key in this fast-paced environment. The ability to solve problems independently, coupled with initiative and a drive to learn, will make you a valuable team member. Don’t be afraid to take the lead and figure things out – that resourcefulness will be appreciated!

Lastly, how would you sum up your experience here?

My time here has been an absolute joy. It reignited my passion for hands-on creative work, something I don’t get to do as often in my current role. While the commute to eastern Singapore was not ideal, the daily excitement and variety of projects made it worthwhile. Sitting in team meetings and observing their diverse work processes offered invaluable insights. Each day brought something new and engaging.

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