Singtel Learning Centre

Singtel, Asia’s leading communications group, was designed and retrofitted into the space of two existing buildings to become a new development centre. Located along Battery Road, the old four-storey building was bridged with the modern Singtel Tower. Restoring the historic character of the architecture, we integrated old beauty with contemporary finishes for this new Singtel facility acting as a learning academy.

Fusing the purposeful environment of a visitor gallery and a talent training centre, modern finishes tap into local cultural motifs for a touch of affability. The project involved our whole suite of services, from  our designers for concept and design to our engineers for intricate fit-out and furnishing. Overall, we delivered a consistent corporate outlook of a storied Telco for our client. 

to engage

A more contemporary outlook shapes the 36-storey building that has an impressionable lobby atrium. Appealing to both fresh-faced millennials and early pioneers, the double-volume height of the lobby was planned for strikingly modern sentiments. Visible from street-level, the concrete walls were balanced out by warm tones of vertical timbers treatment, travertine-textured floor tiles, and gloss corporate colour red lines.  

A huge feature wall updates live happenings in the building, coupled with an interactive sensory L-wall screen and touchscreen rotor-scope to energize the digitally-driven learning centre. Details of a triple halo pendant, cafe cluster, and AV components stimulate the communal and interactive space between staff, corporate visitors and the public.  

to activate

Stories are weaved onto every level of the building.  
In the 4-storey building rich with telephone-exchange heritage, the traditional structure was retained. With a different theme on each level, each space evokes either nostalgic qualities or minimalist working zones. Level 2 and 3 tap into colonial design and peranakan aesthetic respectively, providing refined inspiration to co-working spaces. Meanwhile, Level 1 and 4 has a modern and raw style, in an effort to keep the surrounding clean, encouraging knowledge to take centre stage in the various learning rooms. 

While the whole building hosts executive spaces for board meetings and meeting rooms for staff, the tasteful lounge space, atrium and heritage building provides a comforting contrast to the hustle and bustle of its surroundings. Our design direction for the combined premise of the Singtel Learning Centre focuses on sensory equilibrium, and above all, seeks to promote a robust, yet warm and inclusive, corporate image for Singtel’s working environment.

Hidden spaces within both annexes provide key functional purposes. Configured and designed to enhance corporate initiatives, the centre creates and shapes a nurturing environment by building a network of activators to ignite passion from staff, integrating aesthetics with practicality

The space breaks
 away from traditional classroom engagement of new staff members by embracing an inclusive culture and open concept environment that leads to enhanced reflection, ideation and learning.  The Learning Centre through this integration is more than an academy; it is a social spacetownhallbusiness centre, exhibition hub, gym and much more.  

key services

ideation & concept design

spatial design & build

storytelling & experience

project & design management

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Singtel Learning Centre was awarded the SG Mark in the category of Experience Design in 2019. Read about it here.

Otherwise known as Singtel@8George, the building is opened on 12th September 2019.

The Great Room

to inspire​

Accommodating entrepreneurs and creative minds, the swanky office offers panoramic views of the city’s skyline from full height windows that can flood the rooms with natural light. With an impressive selection of private meeting rooms inspired by luxurious hotel and business clubs, we redefine the lines between work and comfort.

key services

project and design management

material acquirement

spatial design and build

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Designed by Hassell Studio, Kingsmen provided site management to bring vision into comfortable co-working space.
The Great Room is located at Gaysorn Tower in Bangkok, Thailand.